Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes For The House 2 YO

This sweet little girl turned two last week. I had so many things planned to make her day super special but nothing worked out as I planned. Our current house is under pack attack and our next home is yet to be discovered. The elaborate gift I had planned for her is still sitting untouched in the garage. I am buried under stuff at work with no end in sight and a new computer that has thrown a hissy fit Rosanne Barr would envy. Kinsey had a ballgame and her traveling team coach was coming so I felt I needed to be there to meet with him. So all that being said, we had store bought Spiderman cupcakes at 9 pm on her birthday night with a sad little blue candle on which she spent her wishes. And I don't think she minded in the least. I mean really, what's better than Spiderman cupcakes with red and blue icing that stains your teeth and skin for days after?? Except maybe 7QT all about her! So I've crawled out from under my rock to join Jen for just that! 

I can't believe how well she speaks for her age. It's not even something I'm going to pretend not to be super proud of. She tells me complete stories about daycare every day. Now, whether or not they are true I can't say but she did tell me the other night that "Hudson pushed me. Chase pushed me too!" She plays a very good victim but unfortunately for her, I know all about her bullying ways. And she is already doing that thing all my kids have done when their brains work faster than their mouths, resulting in a little stutter before they finish their thought. If not for that, I would presume she is a genius. But I've been wrong before.

She loves babies (dolls). And she loves to "cook, cook" which is great for daddy because he is the only one right now who does cook, cook around our house so I am sure he would be grateful for her help!  Although, it would be nice if she wouldn't be quite so helpful during dishwasher unloading time. Grandma and Grandpa built her a cedar table and chairs and refinished a vintage Holly Hobby Kitchen set. She loved both gifts so much we could hardly get her to leave their house. Although, that's not really all that different from most other days.

She celebrated her birthday week with a visit to the doctor who announced that it is very uncommon for a child her age to have a sinus infection because the number of sinuses she has developed at this age is about 0-2, and yet, somehow, she has defied all odds and contracted sinusitis and an ear infection. Gotta love an overachiever. Silver lining...because she is a total drug seeker she sucks the antibiotic down with a passion only rivaled by the ability she has to chug scalding hot coffee. Which is a total gift procured by the knowledge that the time allotted to consume as much as possible before someone catches her is nil. So at least we don't have to sit on her to get her meds down, like we did her melodramatic older brother.

I conned my sister into going to the doctor with me. I ran into Wal Mart to grab the prescription and upon my return to the van, noticed the side door to the swag wagon was wide open and my sister was hanging over the back seat attempting to do something with a baby wipe. It was in complete horror that it dawned on me, as Princess Lay Lay held out her hands so proudly and proclaimed "chocate" (aka chocolate) with such joy, that she indeed had poo covering both hands and extending to her elbows. My favorite part...poo under the fingernails. Vom.

She loves to sing. Kids Bop does a great job with making today's hit pop songs kid appropriate and Aunt Jackie was kind enough to give us a CD so she bursts out in song as often as possible. Her current faves are "Girls...On Fire!" and "Don't Care...Love It!"

She also has a gift for dance. She runs in circles with one arm in the air yelling over and over "Shake booty!" It does this mama's heart proud to see such an exhibition. Okay, so maybe the emotion is less pride and more fear. It's hard to tell the difference as both make me sob like a colicky baby.

And finally, Aunt Jackie bought her an adorable Lucky Bums chair to which Lady A said: 


  1. Ugh for the sinus infection. Our toddler was sick on his 2yr birthday so we had an equally low key celebration. I am glad she tells you full stories about daycare. All we get is the very last think that happened...which is receiving a bag of pretzels for the car ride home.

  2. As an aside, Woot! often has lucky bumish cars on it.

  3. Beautiful recap! Happy Birthday to her and Good Luck to you!