Friday, September 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes...Holiday Hangover

Joining Jen and her faithful followers for 7 Quick Takes. She is rocking an awesome new look this week and it makes me want to tear my newly rearranged corner of the net down and start from scratch. But alas, who has the time? So instead, I'll just jump right into my summary of a holiday week that feels 10 times longer instead of one day shorter. 

As I mentioned, I recently redesigned the blog. I wanted a 1950's housewife meets contemporary crazy look and I think I totally didn't hit the nail on the head. However, my family thought the picture of me at the top was hysterical so it's kind of a wash. I used this site to find a 1950's housewife type picture. Then I added my face and Photoshopped the heck out of it.  I think overall it looks like a cross between a train wreck and a natural disaster with the result being the can't really look directly at it but you also can't look away. Which for me is good enough. My standards are low.

We took EJ to the movies last weekend. Smurfs in 3D. Great family film. If you haven't seen it, you might put it on your nothing else going on, may as well find some way to keep the short legged people still for two hours and eat some super delish, popped in peanut oil, high calorie corn of the puffy variety, list. E Man sat by a little blonde haired cutie he has gone to daycare, preschool, and now kindergarten with and came home with a hickey. That's right. My five year old got his first hickey at a movie. He informed his dad and I that he thought he and his little friend were going to fall in love but they didn't. Then he noticed the red mark on his hand and showed it to me. After a thorough investigation, I realized it was indeed a hickey and after an intense five minute interrogation it was deduced that he was so nervous that they might indeed, fall in love that he had been biting and sucking on the side of his hand throughout the movie, resulting in his very first hickey. The gene pool runs shallow.

The showing we had last Saturday resulted in a text last night and the potential buyer would like to get together this evening to "discuss the house". I'm trying not to get my hopes up but if anyone out there in the big ol' www would like to throw some prayers up to the heavens on our behalf, we wouldn't hate it. 

The hubs has a birthday this Sunday. I tried to buy him a new trail camera. Guys say we are hard to shop for. They lie. They lie like dogs. There are so many features on these cameras my head was spinning when I left the store. Empty handed, I might add. I still have not one thing to offer him on his day except my apologies for being such a horrible failure in the gift giving department. Luckily he has low expectations.

Speaking of birthdays, Alayna will be two in a few weeks and I have not even started on her birthday gift. And this is not something that will take a couple hours to knock out. Oh no. Let me show you what it looks like in its current state. Oh yeah, baby. This is gonna be good. A 1990's piece of oak furniture that originally served what purpose? I have no idea. Every two year old's dream gift, right? Did I mention it's eleventybillion degrees in our neck of Hades right now so as soon as my creative juices get flowing and I step out the door to start on this little project they evaporate into the parched Missouri atmosphere? Oh well, you're never too young to lower your expectations, right? I mean, come on. I only bought this piece 9 months ago in anticipation of her second birthday. It's not like I've had ages to work on it or anything. And I blame Pinterest for every bit of it. Every stinking bit!

While we're on the subject of my last ever baby turning a big fat, two years old...she is now talking in complete sentences. My current favorites, "Nayna sit right here and chilllll." "Aweshome dude." And the ever popular, "Coo dude!" Is her "I have older siblings who influence me", showing?

And finally, E Man is going to be in our small town's Little Mr. Farmer contest this weekend. He's a nervous wreck about it because he will be singing this song. I will be videotaping and you will be subjected to it next week. Consider this your fair warning. If this is something you object to, you might steer clear for a year or two. Since it is maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen and I've been known to beat a deceased equine in the past, it may be a recurring piece of footage. I know, I know. I can't help myself.


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    1. Thank you so much! They are greatly appreciated. And I'm so happy you could drop in for a bit!

  2. I think the new look is fab! I had to look several times to see if it was/wasn't you, which I found out by reading that neither is true! Very cool!

    Good luck with the house, sounds like it is happening so fast!